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Cris Kirkwood Artwork -  Cris has been creating art for decades. Whether it is musical art or visions on canvas, his unique eye view has a texture all it's own. We are excited to open the Cris Kirkwood Online Gallery. You can purchase his prints, paintings, drawings and more here at the Gallery. We will be adding new works and different prints all the time, so bookmark the site and visit often.

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Visit the Gallery, read some of the press, and catch a glimpse of what is going on and where Cris is next !

Custom Creations
Find out how to get a custom creation by Cris, The Gallery is great, but if you want one of your own get itnow!

On Tour
See Cris on tour with the Meat Puppets and hear some of his artwork. Visit the Meat Puppets and see more of Cris's designs that were featured on their album covers.
How It Gets to You

Paintings will be mailed USPS in a flat document mailer.   



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    Better than trippin over rattlesnakes.
    2 days ago

    Hope you bring your artwork on tour. I am gonna see you in Lancaster and I wanna buy some.
    6 days ago

    The new stuff makes me want to squeeze my head and get more in there ...... !
    14 days ago